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They spilt beer on Jesus...

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BonerSenseless: if you had a screeching weasel tattoo and you wanted words underneath of it what would you put?
BonerSenseless: i thought of
BonerSenseless: "my brain hurts"
BonerSenseless: "my own world"
BonerSenseless: "my right"
BonerSenseless: "up to me"
BonerSenseless: i think i like "up to me" best
AtomVVarlock: hmm...
BonerSenseless: oh and
BonerSenseless: "i believe in ufos"
AtomVVarlock: Hahaha
AtomVVarlock: "We Skate"
BonerSenseless: "Used Cars"
AtomVVarlock: Hahaha
AtomVVarlock: "No Control"
AtomVVarlock: "Noise is for Heros"
AtomVVarlock: "Just like Buddy Holly"
AtomVVarlock: hrm
AtomVVarlock: for realz tho
AtomVVarlock: lemme think
AtomVVarlock: "Just Let Go" probably

What would YOU pick?
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