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Youth Brigade, Channel 3, BATH, Gonzo and the LLSS 
08:24pm 06/12/2008
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Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet 
12:04am 20/06/2008
   How does everyone feel about the latest Ben solo album?  I personally know I hated the first one (Fidatevi) and was disappointed by the last Weasel album (Teen Punks In Heat) but loved pretty much everything before that.  And I must say I LOVE THE NEW SOLO ALBUM!!!!  It is one of the finest achievements he's had since, I don't know. . .Phase Three, Television City Dream, the split with Born Against, I don't know. . .everything I loved about him in the first place!  Those of you who didn't get "These Ones Are Bitter," get it.  Those of you who have. . .what did YOU think?  
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12:38am 24/07/2006
  If you like Screeching Weasel influenced punk or just pop punk in general direct yourself to this page: http://www.myspace.com/successatfailure  
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06:44pm 16/01/2006
  BonerSenseless: if you had a screeching weasel tattoo and you wanted words underneath of it what would you put?
BonerSenseless: i thought of
BonerSenseless: "my brain hurts"
BonerSenseless: "my own world"
BonerSenseless: "my right"
BonerSenseless: "up to me"
BonerSenseless: i think i like "up to me" best
AtomVVarlock: hmm...
BonerSenseless: oh and
BonerSenseless: "i believe in ufos"
AtomVVarlock: Hahaha
AtomVVarlock: "We Skate"
BonerSenseless: "Used Cars"
AtomVVarlock: Hahaha
AtomVVarlock: "No Control"
AtomVVarlock: "Noise is for Heros"
AtomVVarlock: "Just like Buddy Holly"
AtomVVarlock: hrm
AtomVVarlock: for realz tho
AtomVVarlock: lemme think
AtomVVarlock: "Just Let Go" probably

What would YOU pick?
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03:44pm 14/07/2005
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12:45am 24/04/2005

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11:10am 06/02/2005


my tattooCollapse )

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07:32pm 17/01/2005
  i dont think ive posted here before, but ive been a member for a pretty long time.

its a few days old now.Collapse )

anyone else notice the riverdales website is being redone? wishful thinking tells me that i smell a possible tour.
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02:30am 09/12/2004
Hey all. I'm x-posting everywhere so I'll keep this short and sweet


has relaunched as a networking site for the punk rock scene. (Think MySpace or Friendster for punk!)

On the site, bands, zines, labels and fans can post profiles, network and work with each other. You can also post blogs, and our relevance engine rewards people for posting interesting stuff or being active in the site. Please join, and invite all your friends. This is a great tool for anyone involved with the punk scene!

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toruing anyone? 
05:02pm 16/11/2004
  Hey ho folks.

I'm brand spanking new to this community, and I have a very important question for you all: Does anyone have any clue if and when Screeching Weasel will be touring again? It's always yes, no, yes, no, like a virgin on prom night. Plus, there's no place concrete information can be searched out (and certainly not in the company of awesome folks like yourselves).

Please relieve my addiction with any information you may posess.

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01:55am 16/09/2004
Johnny Ramone 1948-2004
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12:15pm 15/09/2004
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12:16am 23/07/2004
  Ok, I have everything in. All of this came from Joe Queer's basement
yesterday afternoon. Make offers for bid


Queers/Manges - Acid Beaters (I have 5 of these)
Cinema Beer Nuts(I have 10 of these)


The Queers - Pleasant Screams(Lookout)

V/A - Feel Lucky Punk?(Autographed by Joe) - Queers Tracks are "I
Don't Wanna Work" "I'm Useless" "At The Mall" "This Places Sucks"
"Kicked Out Of The Webelos".

V/a - Blow Out With History(Italian Queers Tribute. All old Wimpy time
tracks) (Autographed by Joe)

Johnny Thunders - Special Limited Edition on yellow vinyl

V/a - Hang 10(sealed). Featuring "Surf Goddess" by the Queers, and
bands like Cub and Helen Love.

Same as above, but test pressing. Signed by Joe

New Bomb Turks - Drunk On Cock. Cover of This Place Sucks. Sealed

Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts. Signed by Joe

The Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded(Lookout). Sealed

Dino, Desi, and Billy - Our Time's Coming

Screeching Weasel - Boogada signed by Joe

Screeching Weasel - Anthem for a new Tomorrow. Signed by Joe

V/a - Punk USA signed by Joe

Screeching Weasel - Wiggle signed by Joe

The Queers - Punk Rock Confidential test pressing signed by Joe. I
have 2 of these

The Queers - Too Dumb To Quit test pressing signed by Joe

The Queers - Too Dumb To Quit misprint with a Jazz band on one side as
opposed to the Queers. Very rare. I have 31 of these. Signed by Joe

The Queers - Suck This Live on Clearview Records. I have 20 of these
all sealed.

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock And Roll/Through the Lonely Nights.
Rare, it doesn't even say it's Rolling Stones. Just have the Lip logo.

T Rex - Telegram Sam

T Rex - I Love To Boogie

Rollong Stones - Honky Tonk Women

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

The Queers - Grow Up(Lookout) signed by Joe

THE QUEERS - GROW UP(SHAKIN STREET) Rarest official Queers item. The
Queers released this record on Shakin Street, but they never paid for
it, so they only recieve 160 copies and the rest were destroyed. They
never got covers or inserts, just the actual records.. Probobly only
one for sale in the world. Signed by Joe. This is very hard of me to
part with. I would love to be able to keep this and run away to
California, but I am too loyal.

8 track - Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Posters/flyers -

Queers/Methadones/Riptides/Pretty Nothings live at the Babylon

Queers/Gotohells/Buck/John Cougar Concentraion Camp at the Hole in
OKC. Bullet hole through center.

Queers/Methdones 10/29/02 in Detroit. Very cool poster

Queers at Donderdag 10/17

Queers/Riptides 10/19

Queers/Bambix/Nitrominds/Sonic Sex Panic/My Dog Is Virgin

Queers/MTX Lookout Freakout Eurotour 2001!



The Queers/Punk Lincolns/Blank Expression/Murder Mission/Stool
SAmple/Coathanger Abortions in Orlando FL. Date?

Queers 11/17/99 at Jerry's Pizza Bakersfield, CA

Queers 6/21/86 at the Angora in Hartford Ct. Opening for THE RAMONES.
Very weird line up, and 2nd set by special vocalist "Brandon". He was
the vocalst before Joe took over, I suppose. Odd versions of some
classic Queers songs. Set is over an hour.

Queers live in Rome, Italy 4/?/2000

Queers/DR. Kiahn 10/4/96 in San Diego

The Queers/John Cougar Concentraion Camp/Cuck 12/12/98 at the Met Cafe
in Providence, RI

The Queers live at TTs in Cambridge 8/26/95


I have 10 Drunken Cholos shirts, all size large. They are soon to be
out of print.

Happy bidding

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JOIN __hopesxfall 
03:44pm 21/07/2004
  JOIN __hopesxfall  
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11:23pm 01/06/2004
  ok so i'm a bit annoyed at people promoting their communities at the moment.

don't worry if you've already made a community promo here, before this week, i'm not going to delete it. (well i deleted one, but they actually tried to promote the community in my personal journal as well and thats just rude in my book)


so from now on, no community promos, i'll delete them as soon as i see them.

also try to keep on topic. which you kids are all really good at anyway so i don't need to say that. but just a reminder no "this is what i did today and this is what i had for breakfast" posts unless its somehow related to screeching weasel or any other weasel related band etc.

you guys know the deal.
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10:36pm 23/05/2004
  I know people hate communities being advertised and all but there's a new political activism community, __takeaction, in which you can rant and debate in a friendly manner about recent political issues, and get informed about people to write to and political issues that you don't know about...yep :)  
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the spazzys 
11:40pm 23/05/2004
  the spazzys (all girl aussie band, they rock, marky ramone likes them!!) do an awesome cover of 'i don't want to go to the party' by the riverdales. you should check them out.

and if you're australian, you should definetely go see them play if you haven't already. it'll be a cheap fun night out!
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keeping it simple? 
10:14pm 22/05/2004
  My name is Kara. I figured it was about time I joined this community. Ben Weasel. Yes.

Okay, that's all I've got.
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12:10am 21/05/2004
  Well, the tour got canceled. I'm not surprised and if you are you're an idiot. I never got that excited because, like most fans, it wouldn't happen... but I guess it was kinda fun to pretend.  
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09:49am 06/05/2004
  Hey I just joined this community. i dont really like communities but I love Ben, and screeching weasel. I think you should all join my cause to get SW to play in sioux falls SD, becuz we have nothing to do here...and that would make me cum my pants. the end.  
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